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Femdom Video Magazine site with HD videos, photos, stories, all free for you, no advertisements. by Dominica Richie

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Are you looking to surprise your man with something new? Bring a little power play into the bedroom and show him who’s boss with some kinky sex games.

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Erotic domination – much more than whips and chains

Learn how domination can boost your confidence and bring you closer to your man with these 10 sexy femdom ideas that you can cater to your interests!

Use these 64 freaky dirty talk examples to make your man hypnotically obsessed with you and only you. He’s going to be completely blown away!

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Learn how to control your teenfriend and dominate her by obeying this one simple rule.

Apr 28, 2017 · I have been married since 3 years, but if feels like 5 years! My wife is really submissive and that’s one thing I don’t appreciate about her.

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Why do strong, independent women often have kinky fantasies of being submissive during sex? It’s less about kink and more about feeling desired.

Dominate definition, to rule over; govern; control. See more.

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