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An odalisque (Turkish: Odalık) was a chambermaid or a female attendant in a Turkish seraglio, particularly the court ladies in the household of the Ottoman sultan.

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The Unwanted Harem trope as used in popular culture. Not to be confused with Harem Genre, a genre of Japanese media that sometimes heavily relies on this …

The Ottoman harem and the women in the harem, their life style, culture, and other related information on the Harem.

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The Imperial Harem of the Ottoman Empire: More than Just Beautiful Women (Read the article on one page)

The ‘harem’ does not refer to a sanctuary for the wives of a polygynous person. It is simply a resting quarters for women. Female seclusion in Islam is emphasized to

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A American woman is napped by an Arabian sheik and held captive in his harem. At first she frantically tries to escape, but as they slowly get to know and

Harem (Arabic: حريم ‎‎ ḥarīm, “a sacred inviolable place; harem; female members of the family”), also known as zenana in South Asia, properly refers to

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General information on historical places, towns and cities in Turkey with many high resolution pictures.

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