Nobody Knows Im Gay

Hey guess what, if you want America to outlaw gay marriage because you believe the bible doesn’t support it YOU ARE FORGETTING THAT THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND

Directed by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen. With Gabriel Byrne, Albert Finney, John Turturro, Marcia Gay Harden. Tom Regan, an advisor to a Prohibition-era crime boss, tries

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Time waits for no one, as the Rolling Stones once said, and UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is currently in the process of proving the now-geriatric rockers

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Joey June 26, 2017 . Ty for this post. I still believe the gay mafia set mj up w this horrific lie. They wanted his music catalog so bad this group colluded to kill

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A psychiatrist at New York University who studies human sexuality has devised an incredibly specific test to get to the bottom of how gay/straight/bi/queer everybody

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Cowmans running back Ezekiel Elliott was reportedly involved in an incident on Sunday night at a Dallas bar that left a man hospitalized with a broken nose. A 30-year

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Dec 03, 2016 · During a shouting matching Thursday night between top aides of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the President-elect’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway

317 Responses to Black Man Shoots White Teen, Jury says Self Defense. And Nobody Cares

USA Today politics blog Most Popular. In 2-hour tweetstorm, Trump claims a president’s ‘complete power to pardon’

Should Gay Marriage Be Legal? Read pros, cons, and expert responses in the debate.

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